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Thematic Trip of Macedonian delegation in the Slovak and the Czech Republic

October 2013

At the end of October 2013 the Macedonian Delegation consisting of over 40 Mayors, Managers of the Regional Development Centres, Minister of Self-local governance and other participants, visited the Slovak and the Czech republic. The topic of the Thematic Trip was "EU funding to support a regional development of regions and cities in the Czech and the Slovak Republic". Thanks to this Thematic Trip the delegation is familiar with results of implemented projects/running projects co-funded by EU funds as well as with regional structures and a regional development strategies in both countries.

Thematic Trip to the Czech and the Slovak Republic was organized and led with an external support of AIEC. Overall, Macedonian delegation met 7 institutions in 3 days timeframe, AIEC organized a meeting on Ministerial level and 2 guided tours in Bratislava and Brno city.

There was also a macedonian journalist in the delegation who was responsible for a documentation of the Thematic Trip. It´s our pleasure to share the links for videos made by Mr. Ristovski from each day:
1st day
2nd day
3rd day

For participants of the Macedonian delegation only:
We would be very greatfull for filling the questionnaire for the participants of the Thematic Trip.

You are most welcomed to answer the questions regarding your satisfaction with the organisation of Thematic Trip. The questionnaire is available for you from 30. 10. to 30. 11. 2013. We will be glad for completing the questionnaire during this time period.