The LiCEA project will boost the energy savings of Slovak SMEs

jún 2013

The new LiCEA project will be implemented in Slovakia. It will focus on SMEs in plastic industrial sector. The principle of the project lies in the determination, implementation and long-term usage of the Life Cycle Energy Audit. Relevant SMEs can participate and catch the benefits of energy saving opportunities. Thanks to LiCEA Slovak SMEs will be able to identify their energy use and save at least 5% of energy inputs. The project is co-funded by the CENTRAL EUROPE Programme co-financed by the ERDF.

Nowadays is a big competitive advantage to understand how the energy flows within the company´s processes influence overall economic situation. The project called LiCEA (Life Cycle Energy Audit) focuses on the development and implementation of SMART tools in order to discover unexploited energy savings opportunities inside manufacturing process.

As a result Slovak SMEs will be able to identify their energy use and save at least 5% of energy inputs. Moreover the project has a Life Cycle Analysis approach, so there are foreseen long-term outputs of the project. All Slovak SMEs working in plastic industrial sector are welcomed to participate in the project and catch the benefits from that.

In the beginning of the project, there will be defined guidelines for an application of an energy audit in a life cycle perspective towards Slovak SMEs. LiCEA will be tested and demonstrated on the Slovak SMEs. In the end the feedback will enable execution of SMART tools and its dissemination through the Local Energy Agencies.

The project is running under the Central Europe program and is co-funded by EU. Where to apply for participation? AIEC (Agency for Innovation and European cooperation) is a non-governmental Slovak organization which is a partner of LiCEA project. AIEC generally helps to the companies in Central European region to be more innovative and competitive thanks to different international projects running under the EU programs.