PPP4Broadband initial National info day, Bratislava

jún 2013

On Tuesday, 11th of June, the initial national info day was held together with the conference on Informatization of public administration iDEME 2013 in the SÚZA hotel, Bratislava, Slovakia.

Over 100 participants, mainly actors related to PPP (Public Private Partnership), representatives of public administration bodies and other relevant stakeholders attended the conference. The conference enjoyed a great atmosphere and many new ideas during one day.

The participants had a chance to listen to the up to date topics about the current situation of Clouding in Slovakia, current status and development of Broadband technologies through PPP4B project co-founded by South East Europe programme, IBM's experience in the field of Informatization of Cities, new EU programming period 2014-2020, 2013 = year OPIS, current status of the OPIS. Moreover there was a panel discussion on 10 OPIS projects completed in 2013 and few other workshops.

As mentioned, the National Info Day of PPP4Broadband project, funded by the South East Europe Transnational Cooperation Programme was held simultaneously. The participants were informed about the concept, activities and mainly about the impact of the PPP4Broadband project in Slovakia. Participants agreed that the broadband development in Slovak rural areas is an important topic to be tackled and expressed their interest and support in this project.

iDEME´s goal is to present the current trends in building theelectronic public administration services, implementation and training of eGovernment projects in Slovakia.Particular attention is paid to financing of these projects by EU structural funds.The conference also assessed the fulfillment of the objectives of DAE (the Digital Agenda for Europe) in Slovakia. In this respect PPP4Boradband project is particularly interesting as it brings concrete actions towards DAE fulfillment.