PPP4Broadband at eChallenges 2013 conference

október 2013

Our initiative is getting to be more and more interesting for various actors not only from Europe. This fact was proven during the summer 2013 when our Paper presenting PPP4Broadband initiative was accepted by eChallenges Organization Committee ( ) to be presented at eChallenges 2013 conference. eChallenges 2013 was the 23rd edition of annually held conference bringing together public, private and research actors tackling, as the name says, challenges related to e-business, e-government, e-health, or generally e-something.

23rd edition took place in magnificent little village called Malahide, just about 10 km north from Dublin, capital of the Republic of Ireland and brought together more than 200 delegates from around 50 countries from all over the world. During informal discussion with other delegates it made us proud and happy that the concept of PPP in ICT raised strong awareness confirming that our initiative is useful not just in the European context, but truly worldwide.

PPP4broadband initiative was officially presented in the section called e-Government together with 3 other good practices coming from Sweden, Netherland and South Africa. Concept of Public Private Partnership in building of broadband infrastructure that was presented in the panel raised a lot of interest from the side of the audience. Especially African delegates found the concept very useful and it seems we could find interesting capitalization in this region for PPP4Broadband initiative in the near future.

We look forward to participate again next year, to show the proof of concept done by our Pilot Actions and to present the process models of our Centres of Excellence.

The presentation of PPP4Broadband initiative from eChallenges 2013 conference is available here.