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SEE-MED Joint Communication Seminar

June 2014

Roughly 100 communication managers of more than 60 projects were participating at 2-day Joint Communication Seminar and Trainings co-organised by the South East Europe and Mediterranean transnational programmes 2nd and 3rd June.

This event aimed at supporting project communication managers in the last communication activities to be carried out by their projects in order to best disseminate the results produced, increasing their impact and reaching an appropriate target audience. Communication managers of SEE and MED projects learnt how to fine tune their Communication Strategies; how to best use Social Media for the project purposes; how to best organise their Final Events; how to use Story-telling to best disseminate their project results; and how to best advocate the project at EU level. Apart from the workshop and learning sessions, there was a valuable exchange of knowledge and practices between SEE and MED projects.

It was for the first time, when the two transnational programmes succefully organised together this training for communication managers.