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PPP4B project meeting in Gabrovo, Bulgaria

February 2014

Already 4th 2-day project meeting of PPP4Broadband project was hosted by Technical University Gabrovo, Bulgaria. It took place in the university´s library, where the project partners were discussing the following issues during the first day of the meeting:

  • PPP4Broadband portal development
  • national sets for PPP4Broadband models
  • outputs from public consultations
  • pilot actions in testing areas and related summarization of the state of the art from these regions

2nd day of the meeting was devoted to communication and dissemination activities as well as to 4th press conference for media. In the end of the meeting, representatives of Steering committee met and discussed project´s strategic issues.

Last but not least all project partners took the decisions about the tasks within ongoing and future project activities leading to successfully fulfilled key aims of the project.