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LiCEA Training in Slovakia

December 2014

How to ensure Small and Medium-sized enterprises will have a detailed overview about their energy flows and thus can identify possible optimization? How to perform an innovative and simplified energy audits within the sector of SMEs with help of newly researched and developed SMART LiCEA Tool? What specific benefits will it bring to SMEs in Slovakia?

Responses on all above mentioned questions were provided by LiCEA Training Seminar that was organized by AIEC on 4th December 2014. The participants of this training represented SIEA (Slovak Innovation and Energy Agency) as it took place at SIEA´s premises.

AIEC in cooperation with external LiCEA auditors provided the employees of SIEA with the training on how to get oriented and how to use LiCEA Tools for simplified auditing of manufacturing SMEs in Slovakia. Moreover, each participant received all 6 developed versions of the Tool (for 6 different industrial fields) and supporting documentation.

The aim of LiCEA Training was also to raise the general awareness about the importance of energy audits in SMEs given the fact they greatly contribute to the GDP growth as well as to great energy consumption and to greenhouse gas emissions.