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LiCEA Final Conference in Mantova

December 2014

On the 16th December 2014, the Final conference of the LiCEA project took place at the AULA MAGNA of the University of Mantova. One-day conference was hosted by Province of Mantova and AGIRE.

About 70 participants attended the conference, among them students of the engineering courses, representatives of local enterprises and experts in energy audits.

The opening speech was made by the Alderman for energy sector of the Province, Mr. Castelli who underlined the importance of European projects for Mantova productive territory as their support innovation and competitiveness of SMEs generating the majority of production volumes.

Mr. Leoni - project manager of LiCEA and the manager of the Province of Mantova - described the history of productive districts, in particular hosiery and mechanical in Mantova where the SMEs can join their forces to be more competitive in the global market. That is why LiCEA project have been focusing on hosiery and mechanical districts in Mantova.

After these introductions, Mr. Galli - energy expert of AGIRE - presented all the achievements done in LiCEA project: the tools for performing innovative and simplified energy audits including LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) approach. The tool is really innovative in its concept of merging the techniques of classic energy audits with the LCA concept, and the work done by the international team of experts has resulted in specific instruments useful for SMEs located in the central European cooperation territory.

The core part of the conference consisted of the presentations of international project partners (AIEC, EAR, PBN, NAPE and AGIRE) who were describing their experiences with the regional implementation of LiCEA audits. Each partner has realized a number of audits (varying from 25 to almost 50) in the sector of SME operating in 5 different industrial fields (hosiery, mechanical, food, wood, tourism). Last but not least technical experts developing the tool and supporting the partnership during the validation of LiCEA tools also presented the way of solving technical issues during the developments.

In the end of the conference, a round table with 2 Service Centres involved in LiCEA project (Centro Servizi Calza & Centro Tecnologico Arti e Mestieri) came up with interesting discussion as well as positive feedbacks on LiCEA tools from the side of enterprises. For the most SMEs LiCEA energy audits were the first contact ever with an European projects. Project partners appreciated general openness of SMEs to LiCEA.

The last minutes were dedicated to Ms. Benedetta Pricolo from the National Contact Point of OP CENTRAL EUROPE who talked about the main results of the Central Europe Programme 2007-2013 and the main aspects of the new INTERREG CENTRAL programme for 2014 - 2020. This presentation gave an insight to the participants about the new opportunities of getting European co-financing for new project ideas.