Broadband Development

Quality infrastructure is the key element for the development of the regions in order to attract investors, entrepreneurs and also to improve the quality of life of citizens. Broadband is such a kind of the infrastructure which has, especially in the South East European rural areas, significant gaps in the coverage, capacity and quality. As private as well as a public sector alone cannot solve the Broadband gap in the South East European rural areas, there is the opportunity to establish successful cooperation between Public and Private Partners. PPP4Broadband project partnership aims to improve Broadband coverage in the South East European rural areas by Public-Private Partnership.

Project partnership with AIEC leadership researches 9 PPP models tackling Basic, NGA andUltra-fast broadband. In each participating country there will be established PPP4Broadband National Centre of Excellence with role to provide knowledge, experience, guidance (using developed PPP Models) and standardization. Network of PPP4Broadband Centres of Excellence will be established in order to assure the quality and availability of services also after the project closure.

To prove and to demonstrate the project concept, PPP4Broadband methodology will be demonstrated in three pilot areas (Greece, Macedonia and Romania) where investments based on 3 selected PPP4Broadband models will be elaborated.

AIEC as a Lead Partner of PPP4Broadband project brings important expertise to PPP4Broadband project as it has experience in ICT development, Broadband development, e-government strategies and frameworks elaboration and from implementation of PPP models, especially in services and also experience in a support of RTD cooperation among businesses, universities and public actors.


Related to the activity of Broadband Development, there were set up 4 main goals:

1) to develop innovative tools - 9 innovative and customized PPP4Broadband models as an useful tool for Public procurers, which will significantly simplify the Public-Private Partnership procurement procedure.

2) to establish supporting infrastructure - establishment of so called Centres of Excellence in participating countries as supporting infrastructure for Public procurers

3) to prove researched concept - to prove usability of PPP4Broadband concept, we have selected 3 pilot areas in 3 countries: Greece (EU-15 MS), Romania (NMS), Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (Non-EU MS)

4) to create awareness and build capacity